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Our Congregation is able to provide pastoral care and support.
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Queensland Jewish Community Services (QJCS)

What does QJCS do in the community?

They respond to enquiries from the community by giving information, referring clients to the relevant Government Departments, organisation or professional person to assist them. If needed, they support clients in their interaction with these services.

Where appropriate, they provide practical assistance as well.

  • Provide client support and advocacy at the Police, Courts and Government Departments;
  • Visit correctional facilities to assist determining the needs of Jewish prisoners;
  • Find legal representation and support to those exposed to abuse, domestic violence and discrimination;
  • Initial contact and assistance to access services for clients with mental health issues;
  • Help purchase medical equipment for people to maintain a level of independence in their homes;
  • Provide transport to people who need to attend medical procedures and appointments;
  • Doing their best in a professional caring manner.

For more information, go to the QJCS homepage.

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